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How to prepare for your first visit at Sage Thai Massage

1. It is very important that all successful online appointments received an email confirmation. If you did not receive the email confirmation, it means the appointment did not go through.


2. The first-time client's information will be confirmed either by phone (TEXT) or email. If in any case, the client fails to provide a valid email/phone number and missed any important communication, Sage Thai Massage reserved the right to cancel the appointment and will not be held responsible for any case.

3. Traditional Thai Massage is the technique that work along the energy lines with acupressure point which could caused strong sensation at the time (Especially in the tightness/problem area.


4. Oil or lotion is not used in Thai Massage technique.

5. Clients must wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes during the session.

6. Changing clothes are not provided by clinic, client must bring their own comfortable loose fitting clothes.

***Men : Light weight T-shirt, Sport shorts, leggings without metal accent or zipper*** Undergarment is not acceptable ***

***Women : Light weight T-shirt (without bra), Sport shorts, leggings without metal accent or zipper *Sport Bra not recommended* *** Undergarment is not acceptable ***

7. Please come in with empty stomach, light meal can be eaten 3-4 hrs. before the session. Hydrate well before and after the session is very important and highly recommended.

8. The door will be locked if there is a session before you. 

9. Please wear mask before entering the clinic and keep it on (covering both nose and mouth) at all time even when lying face down.


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