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Danita Medina

Founder of Sage Thai Massage



My name is Danita Medina. My journey about massage therapy started in 2006. After the birth of my son and our first trip back to Thailand together. In early 2006 due to the complication of my son delivery (a very lengthy (36 hrs) and very difficult one), I was struggling with the postpartum issues which have left the great negative effects on my body. The discomfort and the feeling of out of balance, physically and mentally was out of this world. With no improvement from the modern medicine, I decided to travel back home and seek helps in healing.

Being in Thailand in which the holistic approach to many chronic health imbalance; non medical emergency of course, are commonly practiced, during our few months stay I had opportunity to work with the trusted, well known Traditional Thai massage therapists in my hometown. Within herbal remedy and few sessions of Traditional Thai Massage my body have shown significant improvement at the unbelievable rate. 

Being a Native Thai and very fortunate to have experiencing closely to the health benefit of Traditional Thai Massage through out my childhood and the situation I am in at that time, I decided to participated in the local Traditional Thai Massage School in my home town and also one on one training with the Traditional Thai Massage teacher I have worked with. After the great result I received I have set the intention to started the holistic healing business to share this healing art to others after the trip back to USA.

As soon as I got back to USA with the guidance and the suggestions from a ex-coworker/friend who owned the massage clinic,  I have completed 500 hours state of Florida qualification licensed massage therapy course from Florida Academy of Health & Beauty, passed the national, state license exam and became a Board licensed massage therapist in October of 2007.


I am specializing in working with clients who have Chronic pain, tightness through Traditional Thai Massage techniques. 


I continually strive to expand my knowledge and skills through continuing education courses. I believe the best way to serve my clients is to stay informed and current on new techniques in massage and bodywork.


As a licensed massage therapist and an Certified Yoga Instructor, I approach these professions the same way I live my life.

As my client, you can be sure that you will be treated with dignity and respect and I will work with you to tailor your sessions so that you gain the maximum benefits.


My mission is to provide massage clients the significant result with minimal sessions as possible, following by a simple care plan after the session to alleviate pain, eliminate fatigue as well as decrease muscle and joint stiffness.


As a yoga instructor, my mission is to provide yoga students knowledge to practice yoga safely and created the awareness of each of our own unique body. Tailor to suite the studying from simple meditation practice to any physical yoga practice both in a private or group class setting sessions.


I believe that massage and yoga are healing arts and science, providing a balance both body and mind, each client is unique just as the touch of each therapist and the style of yoga instructors are different. Knowing this I keep an open mind and listen to the needs of the client. I use my trained knowledge of human anatomy with the body movement of yoga, skilled hands, and intuitive observations to give you and your body what you need most.

I feel profound gratitude to be in both professions. I am truly blessed to be in a career where I can integrate what I do, with who I am, what I feel, and where I want to be in life; whole, happy, and in harmony with my beliefs. Massage therapy and yoga have so much to offer and I look forward to (literally and figuratively!) touching the lives of as many people that I can!


My Yoga Journey


I was originally going to my first yoga class because I was having chronic hips and shoulders pain. With regular practice, the pain disappeared. Yoga has provided me with balance and stability, strength and endurance, energy, and flexibility in both mind and body. My teaching style plays with the freedom that can be found through breath, flow, and motion, and my goal is to guide my students toward the happiness, strength, and calm that is within each of us. I have decided to deepen my practice by taking teacher training under at Yoga University of Florida where I earned her 270-hour and 650 Yoga certification, I have been blessed to be students of many of international Teachers as well.


40-hour Teacher Training certificate with Bryan Kest,

40 hour Hatha Alignment yoga teacher training with Mylinda Morales,

50 hour Bryce Fit Flow yoga Teacher Training certificate with Briohny and Dice,

40 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Joe Barnett,

Level 1&2 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Kerry Tice, Circusoul Yoga.

I also have attended many workshops with other well known international instructors such as

Jason Crandell, Roger Cole, Doug Keller, David Reglin, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Nichala Joy Devi.

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