Traditional Thai Massage for Relaxation (Preventive)
The massage combines gentle, yoga-like stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and energy lines, or Sen. While there are hundreds of energy lines in the body, Thai massage focuses on the ten main energy lines, or Sip Sen. Thai Massage technique may also employ the elbows, knees and feet in addition to the hands. The pressure can be varied according to your preference. Oil is not used in Thai Massage. Clients wear comfortable loose fitting clothes to get massage. 


Traditional Thai Massage for Therapeutic Purpose/ Deep Tissue Massage

The massage which focusing on the deeper tissue structures of the muscle, fascia, trigger points and acupressure points aiming to release chronic pain.

**Minimum of 90 minutes session is recommended since Thai Massage is an integrated, sequenced procedure.**

Private Yoga or Meditation Session

Private yoga practice, tailored to your suite or from choices of

Yoga 101 (Foundation knowledge of yoga practice)

Yin Yoga (Target Connective Tissue)

Restorative Yoga ( Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief)

Vinyasa Yoga (Building Strength, Endurance and Stamina)

Meditation (Focus, Calmness)