All policies at Sage Thai Massage are strictly enforced.

To avoid any confusion and misunderstanding , 

please read this page thoroughly.

Make sure you agree and able to follow before initiate an appointment.

Terms & Conditions


***A mask is required at all time during your visit, even when laying face down.***


By initiating an online appointment through the website or Schedulicity, customer agreed to all terms, cancellation policies, conditions stated by Sage Thai Massage and have read and acknowledged the consent form online through the online scheduling system.

1. All appointments taken online only, with credit card information through including in case of using a gift certificate, no exception.


2. Due to the Electronic health consent form (there will be a check box during the online appointment process), the name of the person who will receive the treatment must be matched with the name that appears through the online scheduling, including credit card on file (No exception please, including the spouse or any family member) unless the person who receives the treatment is underage. 


***what If you would like to give someone a gift of a massage session? Please put the inquiry about the gift certificate through the contact page.***

3. All the Information ( phone number, credit card, etc.)  on online scheduling account will be verified, if any information is invalid or not confirmed the appointment which made with such information will be cancelled.


4. It is very important that all successful online appointments received an email confirmation. If you did not received the email confirmation that is mean the appointment did not go through. The first time client's information will be confirmed either by phone or email. If in any case the client fail to provide the valid email/phone number, and missed any important communication, Sage Thai Massage reserved the right to cancel the appointment and will not be held responsible in any case.

***Please read the email confirmation, there are very important information on what to expect before and during the session, including how to prepare yourself (what to wear etc.), The most important of the confirmation email purpose is to help client to have the most comfortable and wonderful experience during the visit.*** 

5. All Payments will be completed with the card on file at the end of the session with the physical card present with the name matching the person who received the treatment.


6. Sage Thai Massage will charge full price for any scheduled appointment if less than 24 hours notice is given for cancellation, a notice of rescheduling, or in case of client "no-show" or late arrival.  In case of late arrival, the full price will be charged and the session will be given with whatever time left from the original appointment time.

Exceptions must be pre-authorized.  After the reschedule occurred the appointment will no longer be eligible for another reschedule. 

7. If your session has been pre-paid with a gift certificate, the full value of said gift certificate will be forfeit in the event of a no-show, late cancellation, late notice of rescheduling as outlined above. The gift certificate is not refundable but transferable. 
***Without the print out of gift certificate present at the time of the session, the service will not be provided with no exception and the gift certificate will be forfeit due to 24
hrs. cancellation policy***

8. Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will constitute sexual harassment and will not be tolerated. 

9. The Licensed Massage Therapist has the right to refuse service to any client. The LMT has the right to end the service for any reason (most likely in the case of the inappropriate and disrespectful manner from the client) and at any time with full payment of service.

  • How to cancel the appointment? (If less than 24hrs, the system will not allowed)

  • 1. Through the appointment confirmation email, click on blue tab "My Appointments" 

  • 2. Through by signing in to your Schedulicity account. Click on the schedulicity logo, top left corner of the page and choose "My Appointments" tab


**Mask is required at all time while on premises, no exception. If for any reason you are unable to wear a mask, please refrain from scheduling an appointment.***

***Before initiating any online appointment. 

Please read the important messages above.***

Sage Thai Massage have recently moved!

The new unit is located in the same building but on the back side,

on the other end of the building behind the bridal shop.